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Welcome to Whittlesea Bridge Club.

With over 50 members, we run two sessions per week (see Session Times). We have Beginners' Classes starting Monday 4th April at 10.00am. We have supervised play sessions on Wednesday evenings.

You can find us on Google Maps.

Visitors are always very welcome. We have volunteers ready on standby to ensure everybody gets a game. Should you require a partner, ring the Partner Organiser.

2017 Annual General Meeting:

The Annual General Meeting was held on Monday the 23th of October 2017.

The club is in a reasonably healthy financial state, and membership has been steadily growing.

Officers were elected as shown here.

New Members:

  • Jim Nicholson

We support Camp Quality

Camp Quality is a charity for children living with cancer. For more information on Camp Quality, click here.

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